Dancing ignites the soul and lets the spirit fly free. ~Feanix

Cosplay Gallery

I have been cosplaying for over 3 years now. My top character is Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter franchise. I love creating and becoming the character I portray at conventions. My fiance and I  run the local con circuit annually and love meeting new cosplayers and fans. We also cross promote and participate in charitable events. If you are looking for cosplayers for your event, we are more than happy to come provide support. We have a vast network of cosplay contacts throughout the southeastern United States and will gladly put you in contact with anyone in our network.

I am always looking for the next challenge in the cosplay field.

All of my Cosplay is for the enjoyment of the build and portrayal. I am not affiliated with any production company and I do not collect money from any appearence. I love to bring smiles to faces and any monetery gain is given to local charities. I do not own the rights to any character portrayedand am simply recreating the art and fandoms I love. 

- Best in Show -
2017 GAAM Haunted Halloween Event
American Horror Story Cosplay
Jessie - Zoe Benson | Jenna - Countess | Bridget - Sister Mary Eunice | Lavette - Marie Laveau | Verne - Papa Legba
Tycho - Twisty the Clown | 
Feanix - Scathatch  | Candy - Tate | Heather - Young Moira | Ronny - Bearded Lady

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